Caldor Fire: How you can help.

Caldor Fire Lake Tahoe

As of this morning, things are looking much brighter for those whose homes were in the path of the Caldor Fire.  For those who won't return as their homes are beyond repair or no longer exist, we are reaching out to all our clients and connections to share this important post from our friends at  

Please take the time to review this announcement and if you want to contribute, just follow the links for complete details. 

Caldor Relief - How You Can Help

As we are all watching the Caldor Fire situation, many people are asking how they can help. Although firefighters and first responders greatly appreciate the generosity and kindness of donations, firefighting agencies are fully supplied with everything they need.

Donations from the public are logistically complicated to accept and firefighting agencies do not have the capacity to do so. If you would like to offer assistance to those affected by the Caldor Fire, donations are best directed towards evacuees.

Locally, Tahoe Family Solutions and Cornerstone Church are accepting goods to support family needs. Stop by the TFS Thrift Shop on Southwood Boulevard for the most current list of things they are distributing to families throughout Lake Tahoe.

Here are funds that are helping victims of the Caldor Fire: 

El Dorado Community Foundation – The El Dorado County Community Foundation set up a Caldor Fire Fund. All donations go to families and individuals impacted by the fire.

You can donate here. ( The American Red Cross – The American Red Cross is staffing evacuation centers and providing support for evacuees of the Caldor Fire. You can donate here ( 

Placer Food Bank – The Placer Food Bank is on the front lines of emergency food response/distribution to those impacted by the River and Caldor Fires. You can donate here. (

Food Bank of Northern Nevada – The Food Bank of Northern Nevada is offering food assistance for Caldor Fire evacuees. You can donate here. (

Monitor Incident Information – Stay up to date on the current acreage, containment statistics, evacuation information, and more by visiting the incident link tree (

For the latest Caldor Incident information, attend a live CAL FIRE AEU community meeting daily at 5 PM at 

On behalf of our team at Sun Bear Realty and Property Management in Lake Tahoe, we encourage you to support our community and families who need it most.