Holiday Tips from Tahoe Locals


Be sure to arrive at the ski areas early (an hour before the lift opens), this will give you better parking, quicker ticket lines and if you are renting you will move MUCH faster. If you anticipate skiing at the same area every day it can be a good idea to rent at the Mountain. This saves you packing you gear on the first and last day. However if you think you may NOT be skiing at the same resort on the last day you are much better off going to a local ski shop such as the Village Ski Loft. If you are renting at the local shop this gives you a little more flexability of time for when you rent.

If you have kids that will be taking lessons it is VERY important to make a RESERVATION. Kids programs sell out over the holiday period, some Private lessons might be available at a much higher price.

When skiing in traffic, the uphill skier/boarder must give way to the skier below them. However, some people ski faster than the rest of the crowd. Because of this It is equally important to look over your shoulder from time to time and always look when you are making a distinct directional change i.e. if you are leaving or merging with a trail, think of it as changing lanes in traffic. Be very obvious to others that you are changing and watch out for the other guy.

Finally, when it is very busy on the slopes I try and make fairly short radius turn and not long sweeping turns. This keeps you from potentially cutting across other peoples line. I also tend to ski close to the edge of the run and not in the middle. It is typically less crowded there and generally has better snow.

Enjoy the holidays and remember we offer discounts for tickets at Diamond Peak, Mt. Rose and Northstar.