How to Bring More Fun into Your Family Life, at Home

We Got This!

As we all hunker-down and practice social distancing, we're hearing more and more stories about how families are finding 'family time' more precious and protected than ever before.

To bring some positive thoughts your way, we did a little research within our own circles to find out how families in Incline Village are dealing with the current situation - and what activities they might suggest that we share with you. So here's a list that may add some fun times into your lives this month and perhaps in months to come.

Snowball Fight, Anyone?

Thanks to Mother Nature, there's more snow than ever in and around our backyards. And with the rules of engagement now telling us to keep our distance, perhaps a good-old-fashioned snowball fight might be a super way to get outside for some fun and fresh air.


Same thing applies here. Take advantage of all that white stuff and start a new chapter of family videos to share with friends and family across the globe. Ever have a race between your son and husband? How about who ever loses makes dinner or does the dishes? And the winner? Maybe she/he gets to decide on what the next best activity will be tomorrow.

Build a Snowman Family!

You've probably seen the family stickers on the back window of many cars and trucks that depict the size and shapes of one's family. Why not do the same and build a snowman family. If it's at home, you can certainly dress them up in your own duds - a site that your neighbors will enjoy viewing as well.

Have a Pizza Making Contest

Yep, a contest, that includes the awards for the "Best Use of Color," "Best Use of Ingredients," "Best Unusual Shape," or ?? Kids are great at this once you get them going.

Ice Cream Sundae Contest

Mirroring the idea above, get out all those unused sprinkles, coloring for icing, nuts, chocolate sauce, raisins, or whatever else you may have in the cupboard. Then let the fun begin! The prize? Everyone gets to eat what they have created!

Make Thank You Cards

With so many of our nurses and doctors working overtime, perhaps you family could make some Thank You cards to deliver to the Incline Village hospital. This gesture of thanks we are sure will go a long way.

You Got This!

No matter what your plans may be to keep everyone's spirit up at home, remember to keep things positive. Role models and mentors who keep things cool, calm, and collected during these fragile times are priceless to those who an uplifting message to keep their hopes high.