Jazz, Blues, and Bach on the Beach in Tahoe


Just when you thought there was enough to do in Tahoe during the day, there comes a line up of super star talent under the stars at night.  And this summer is no exception.

From the best of The Bard, to the history of the blues, to good old-fashioned rock and roll, and Bach and Beethoven, too, there's a full calendar of entertainment that awaits you and yours this August and September on Lake Tahoe's North Shore.

To help you decide where to go and who to see on stage for the next two months, we've include this list of our favorite shows with links to the details for your decision making pleasure.


Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival Showcase Series, Sand Harbor ~ 7/8 – 8/27
Brews, Jazz and Funk Fest, Squaw Valley ~ 8/12 – 8/13
Lake Tahoe Music Festival, Various Venues ~ 8/15 – 8/20


28th Annual Foam Fest with Live Music, Squaw Valley ~ 9/2
Reno Jazz Orchestra presents GRAMMY star Denise Donatelli - Incline/Sand Harbor ~ 9/2
29th Annual Alpen Wine Fest with Live Music, Squaw Valley ~ 9/3
Lake Tahoe Autumn Food & Wine Festival with Live Music,
Northstar California ~ 9/8 – 9/10
Guitar Strings vs. Chicken Wings – with Live Music, Squaw Valley ~ 9/15
Oktoberfest, with Live Music, Squaw Valley ~ 9/23
Tahoe City Oktoberfest with Live Music, Tahoe City ~ 9/30