New Name, Same Great Place


Last week the (former) Incline Village Crystal Bay Visitors and Convention Bureau announced a new branding of our side of the Lake. The following details were provided by the organization through an Email to key business leaders. The content follows.

New name first: Travel North Tahoe Nevada. Simple, direct, powerful. An inclusive name that encompasses everything from East Shore beaches and vibrant lake-side communities to Mt. Rose Wilderness. And a big step forward from the tongue-twisting Incline Village Crystal Bay Visitors Bureau. Plus, we know that Lake Tahoe loves to use acronyms — everything from IVGID to TRPA and NLTRA. We don’t want to brag, but our’s — TNTNV — is an acronym that even acronym haters will have to admit stands out in sea of abbreviations.

Second: A brand-new brand. A beautiful new visual identity that reflects our stunning natural environment, our tight-knit local communities and our commitment to sustainable tourism. If you can imagine this logo being proudly worn by residents and visitors alike, you’re not alone. We can’t wait to see the brand embraced by mountain lovers, lake lovers and North Tahoe Nevada fans everywhere.And perhaps most importantly, we’re putting our money where our mouth is. A new name is nice. The new brand is beautiful. But locals, visitors, lodging partners and local businesses all want to know how our organization’s values are connected to tangible actions that make North Tahoe Nevada an even better destination.

We’re committing 10 percent of our annual budget to sustainability initiatives. This represents our real, earnest commitment to making destination management, sustainability a top priority across the organization, setting up our communities for long-term economic, environmental and cultural vibrancy.If you are wondering what this sustainability investment looks like, the Fourth of July Skyshow is a great example. A stunning drone show replaced the traditional fireworks display, safeguarding the community from the wildfire risk of pyrotechnics and protecting the ecology of the lake from fireworks’ debris.

Meanwhile our investment in TART Connect transit took cars off the road, allowing residents and visitors to navigate North Tahoe Nevada without driving. It’s a new era in Tahoe tourism. We’re proud to be focused on the future, leading the way with our deep love for the lake we call home, and the communities that make North Tahoe Nevada such a special place.

This is only the start. Let’s keep making North Tahoe Nevada one of the best places on the planet to live, do business and visit.