Social Distancing Heightens Interest to Stargaze Tahoe’s Dark Skies

Little by little, we are finding new opportunities to accept the new norms of social distancing.  And the more we talk to our neighbors, from a distance, the more we are finding new ways to enjoy the great outdoors like never before.

With fewer businesses shining their lights at night, it may be our imagination, yet we think the skies are a bit darker these days.  Which makes it an ideal opportunity to take in the stars that brightly and clearly shine above us from our real estate and vacation rental office in Incline Village, NV.

Thanks to lots of educational resources online, we took the time find and share some insight as the where the best spots may be to stargaze around Lake Tahoe’s North Shore.  So, when the time is right, get on out to enjoy the fresh and clean High Sierra air and starry skies!

Burnt Cedar Beach

As a resident, or guest of Sun Bear Realty and Property Management, you have the exclusive opportunity (with an appropriate resident card) to enter the gates of Burnt Cedar Beach on the west end of Lakeshore Boulevard.  Upon arrival, grab your blanket (and perhaps a warm beverage) and head out to the grassy end of the peninsula.  The views from this vantage point – be it day or night – are something you will want to enjoy year after year.

Diamond Peak – Snowflake Lodge

We like to pack a picnic and hike up the Freeway run as the sun sets over the Sierra. While waiting for nightfall, you can enjoy the jaw-dropping views of the Lake as the Alpen Glow makes its entrance.  In time, the glow will fade to expose you to a star-filled sky sparkling above the Lake’s Cobalt-colored water below.

Sheep Flats – Top of Mt. Rose Highway

Just a short scenic drive from our property management business on Lake Tahoe’s North Shore, is one of the more popular spots for hiking during the day and camping at night.  There is plenty of room for all to enjoy the miles of this high-elevation meadow and hillsides.  No matter where you choose to camp, be it for an hour or overnight, on a clear night it seems like ‘you can see forever’ …

Crystal Bay Fire Lookout

Within a short hike from its service gate off Lakeview Road in Crystal Bay is another incredible spot to get away from it all – be it day or night!  Similar to our suggestion for the Snowflake Lodge viewpoint, we recommend you pack some snacks and beverages to watch the sunset over the Sierra.  Within time, the faint lights of homes along the Lake’s shoreline will start to sparkle on the shoreline – and the stars above will gradually light up the night sky.

Top Things to Do in Lake Tahoe

When the time is right for all of us to get back to the Lake and enjoy all there is to do and see, we welcome the opportunity to share our favorite things to do with your family in tow in Incline Village and Crystal Bay.  Feel free to reach out to our team at Sun Bear Realty at any time.