Tahoe Ale Trail Adds Another Hot Stop for a Cool Brew

Ahh ... summertime! A time when we all enjoy all that there is to do in the great outdoors at Lake Tahoe .. and this summer is no exception.

We always enjoy time out of the office when we can hop on our mountain bikes and explore our 'backyard.' And thanks to our friends at Alibi Ale Works, we have another reason to get on our bikes, break some sweat, and find a hot spot to cool off with a cold brew.

With that said, we're sending out a big congratulations to the crew at our new local public house, Alibi Ale Works, that took over Hacienda's de La Sierra's former restaurant location on the main drag in Incline.

If you're not familiar with Alibi, their website tells it best:

We produce a wide range of frequently rotating beers with pure Lake Tahoe water, and our goal is to keep your taste buds intrigued with delicious and well-executed flavors. We strive to maintain a beer line-up that weaves together traditional European styles, super-fresh hoppy beers, and experimental one-offs that will expand your beer horizons. Barrel-aged and funky/sour/mixed-culture beers rotate frequently through our line-up.  

Try the Tahoe Ale Trail - Peddle or Paddle

While you're thinking about a good bike ride and a great brew, you really need to try out the Tahoe Ale Trail. It was created by our local breweries to get you out and about .. see the magnificent High Sierra views ... and then stop in for a few. Here's the link to an excellent map that will show you routes throughout the north shore to enjoy on your bike, and your paddleboard as well!

Get out there and enjoy the summer ... and be sure you book your vacation rental in Incline Village and Crystal Bay before you head to the Lake!