Top Spring Home Maintenance Tips

With spring in the air it is time to get outside and get into some spring home maintenance so you can enjoy the sunny months to come!

After you review this list of spring home maintenance projects and would rather have a professional team take care of these important projects, our Sun Bear Realty and Property Maintenance team is ready to take these important jobs off your ‘to do’ list through our annual maintenance programs

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Clean Your Gutters

As the snow finally melts off your roof in the sierra and before the spring rain and summer thunderstorms appear throughout the West, it is best to get those gutters cleaned out.  If they are blocked with leaves or pine needles or cracked in various locations, they certainly will not drain well – and could lead to more serious issues – like damaged siding, doors, and windows.

Other key things you will want to look for include bent edges, dislocated connections, and if they are metal, look for rust that can lead to deterioration.

Depending on the location of your gutters, you may want to seek professional assistance or a strong and healthy neighbor to help you repair any damage.

Check Your Roof

While you may have your ladder out repairing gutters, it is the perfect time assess how your roof withstood the winter months.

Although the Sierra had a rather mild summer your roof may have experienced some ice damage.  Look on the north side of your home in particular. 

Test and Set-up your Sprinkler System

If your home has frost-free hose bibs, verify that they have withstood the winter.  Bring out all your hoses and look for leaks and weak fittings.  Before you turn on the water, walk all the way through the sprinkler line to check for breaks in the line or bad connections. 

Get Your Porch “Party-ready”

It is not unusual for the cold and snowy weather to have an impact on your porch or decks.  Give them a good sweep or hose them down.  Once they are dry, look for any broken boards, splintered sides, or weak sections that need repaired.  Once you have everything repaired, give it good staining to restore, reseal, and maintain it for the year.

Next, bring out the stored deck furniture and give it all a good bath.  Check for any necessary repairs or replacement needs.

If you have not used your outdoor grill for a while, treat it with lots of TLC so you are ready for the BBQ season to come!

Clean-up the Yard

No need to wait any longer.  Now is the time to get out into the yard for some serious spring cleaning.  It should be obvious as to what needs to be taken care of – from the limbs that fell during the windy days of winter, to the pine needles, pine cones, and fallen leaves from your plants and trees. 

If you have a lawn, it is time to fertilize. 

Speaking of your lawn, bring out your lawn mover and prep it for the season.  Drain and replace the gas and oil, sharpen the blades, and give it a good cleaning from top to bottom.

Not so obvious are the shrubs that may be ready for pruning before the heat of the summer arrives.  Cut off all the broken limbs first and then check with your local garden shop or search online for the proper time to prune your rose bushes, lilacs, and other colorful plants and bushes.

And once those tasks are off your list, here is a longer list of items you may want to address, and the season comes into full swing.

Spring clean the inside of your home.

Clean the carpets, wash your draperies and blankets, dust off the lights and ceiling fans, give your kitchen and bathrooms a deep clean, wash the windows inside and out …

MORE! Spring-Cleaning Tasks and Tips

Clean and wax your skis and snowboards and store them for the summer.

Before you store the snowblower – drain the gas, drain the oil, clean the spark plugs.

Activate your summer toys.  Where applicable, flush and replace the anti-freeze, check the tires, replace the spark plugs, wash, and wax, check the tires, review and or replace your tow ropes, blow up the tubs and check for leaks.

Plant new shrubs and plant flower bulbs.

Power wash the outside of the house and perhaps refresh and restore it with a new coat of paint or stain.

Change your furnace filter.

Change the batteries in your smoke detectors.

Check your windows and screens repair or replace them as needed.