Top Tips for Creating Defensible Space

With temperatures above normal this week it reminded us of our need to share some tips with you about preparing your home's surroundings for the potential fire season to come.

For the past few decades, our property management team in Incline Village has been providing our clients with referrals to companies who specialize in preparing properties for the fire season to come. If you would rather have a professional team handle the following suggestions for you, please contact Sun Bear Realty and Property Management today.

Thanks to excellent resources from the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District we have plenty of good advice to share with you now.

In the past few years the TRPA has provided a quick list to get you on your way to prepping your home this spring. Through their website, they have a complete section re: Prepare for Wildfire Season. We encourage you to follow this link to read the whole story.

Here are some highlights:

  1. Contact our local fire protection agency for a defensible space consultation so you can prepare your home for fire.
  2. Know your evacuation routes—do you have two ways out?
  3. Prepare your most precious items, pictures, and heirlooms to be packed in short notice.
  4. Sign up for emergency alerts and know where to obtain accurate, up-to-date emergency information.
  5. Talk to your neighbors so they also prepare.

Right here in town, our North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District (NLTFPD) offers a variety of free services to help get your defensible space in great shape. Among the list is defensible space inspections, tree removal review and permits, chipping (curbside), and a very informative website and brochures entitled "Living With Fire."

There are several excellent sections on the NLTFP that you should read sooner than later.

  1. Get Prepared
  2. Get Informed
  3. Get Involved

Once you have reviewed all this excellent information, we encourage you to connect with your neighbors and start your collective efforts to keep your neighborhood surrounded by defensible space this spring.