Best Hot Springs Near Lake Tahoe

After we have all survived the biggest snowfall on record in December throughout the High Sierra, it's time to unwind, unplug, and plug into a more relaxing option this month. With all the Hot Springs around the Lake and over the hill, there are plenty of options to soak the sore shoulders and back within a short, scenic drive. Below you will find highlights of our three favorite escapes!

Below you will find a list of the favorite spots our team at our property management company in Incline Village and Crystal Bay like to frequent during the winter months.

David Wally's Hot Springs

Make this one a full day of pampering! Located just over the east side of the Sierra, the historic David Wally's Resort is a destination within itself. Their natural hot springs were first discovered in the early 1800s and have been documented to soothe the region's earliest gold miners who certainly deserved some downtime.

We have found that this close and convenient getaway is ideal for our days off as well.

Take a look at their website before you head to Genoa (the oldest town in the state). Within the site, you will see list of all the options you can enjoy throughout the day, and night. Whether you choose to spend time in the geothermal pools, cool off in their outdoor pool, cozy up for a bowl of homemade soup inside at the Marketplace, or enjoy a true fine dining experience, every moment you will be treated to the expansive views of the Carson Valley and beyond.

Steamboat Springs ~ Healing Center and Spa

Steamboat Hot Springs Healing Center & Reno Spa also offers an impressive list of packages and services to treat your mind, soul, and body. Within this well-respected business, there are a variety of packages that include private spa services, wellness detox programs, and massage services that include Chakra Alignment, Trauma Release, and more. In addition, you can book a private soaking room for the ultimate escape.

What is interesting about Steamboat Springs is that they offer the only volcanic natural hot springs in the area. As their website notes: "Our geothermal mineral water contains an array of sulfate materials, as well as extremely rare minerals that are unique to our area and found nowhere else in the U.S. Specifically, the water in our Nevada hot springs contains: calcium carbonate, magnesium, sodium sulfate, sulfur, lithia, soda, and a high level of silica."

Carson Hot Springs

The closest hot springs to North Lake Tahoe are just 35 minutes away and well worth the short trip over the hill - for a daytime soak or evening under the stars As you can see from their video, it's an ideal spot to stay and soak your world away within their four outdoor public pools and nine private pools and sauna. The natural spring water from the Sierra complements its setting that has plenty of room for all to enjoy.

Much like other hot springs in the area, Carson Hot Springs dates back to the mid-1800s and is registered as a historic location. In addition, it is documented to have the second cleanest water in the world. There is an excellent graphic on their site that details the history of Carson Hot Springs.

Their website tells us more about the water: "Natural mineral water flows out of the ground at 121 degrees. Air spray and evaporative cooling are used to lower this water temperature when pools are drained and refilled during each day. No chemical or city water is added. The outdoor swimming pool temperature is maintained at 98 degrees in the summer and 102 degrees in the winter. Individual room pool temperatures can be controlled as desired, from 95-110 degrees. Bathing suits are required in the swimming pool, but are optional in the private rooms."

No matter where or when you decide to head to one of the many hot springs in Lake Tahoe and Reno, we encourage you to take the time for a day that you have earned and deserve!