Welcome to the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. We are happy that you are able at this time to still visit the area. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has required us to make changes to our vacation experience.

Changes due to Washoe County Ordinances and COVID

Please be aware that Washoe County has passed new ordinances requiring all Vacation Rentals to register and pass fire and building inspections. The deadline for this registration was August 1st. Each approved property has a registration number in the description. Some are still in the process. The registration process will most likely reduce the occupancy in all properties. If this occurs, we may have to cancel the bookings. Everyone no matter the age, is an occupant.

Please be advised that Incline private beaches are not open to non-residents at this time. Sand Harbor and Kings Beach are open. We will not refund due to changes in beach access. We did not change the individual property descriptions for changes made during COVID-19. Please be sure to verify any other amenities, including complex amenities, that may be important to your visit prior to booking. We do not refund due to closed amenities.

Please also understand that you are visiting at your own risk. Though housekeeping is increasing their wipe downs, they are not able to completely disinfect. If you are compromised or concerned, we would be more than happy to welcome you in the future. In NV, masks are required in all establishments inside, for unvaccinated individuals. Please see the link for details. http://gov.nv.gov/uploadedFiles/govnewnvgov/Content/News/Emergency_Orders/2020_attachments/024_2020-06-22-Guidance-on-Improvised-Facial-Coverings-JH-V1.pdf

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