Farmer's Almanac Announces Winter Forecasts

It's official. According the Farmer's Almanac, we could see a fairly good winter up this way.  Or, you could take a look at where our Tahoe forecaster, Brian Allegretto calls it a toss- up right now.  Here's his take on the Almanac story:

"Many of you know that the Old Farmer's Almanac released their winter forecast this past week. It was hyped on a lot of media sights. That forecast has the storm track into the Pacific NW and Northern CA, instead of the Southwest like you would expect for a typical El Nino season."

 "Their thoughts are that Summer hangs on into the fall for CA. The Winter forecasts from the weather outlets usually don't come out until October. That's when I try to come up with a final snowfall guesstimate for the season as well.  I think the pattern could be drier in the Northwest than what this one is showing if we see the somewhat typical moderate El Nino pattern."

Right here at our real estate and vacation rental office in Tahoe, we always follow Allegretto's column and suggest you do to.   This snip-it from his most recent post tells his own story about why he enjoys predicting the weather for ski enthusiasts like us:

"Even after all of these years of forecasting we still have so much to learn about what controls the weather patterns and how to predict them out into the future. But trying every year to be better at it is a lot of fun. It's what keeps the weather enthusiasts going!"

No matter what the local, regional or national forecasters call for, we all agree that the best insight is the view outside our office windows.  So when you want a real local's insight, keep our toll-number 888.686.5253 on speed-dial and call or text us at any anytime.

In fact, stop in this winter as we always have a few lift ticket discounts to share with our clients, friends and family.