Lake Tahoe Forest Restoration Projects on Tap

In our last blog we told you all about the improvements that various community organizations are making to improve the popular Tyrolian Mountain Bike Trail in Incline Village. Today we are sharing yet another project underway to enhance the health of our forests in the Tahoe Basin.

Thanks to the efforts of the Tahoe Forest & Fuels Team, U.S. Forest Service, California Tahoe Conservancy, Nevada Department of Forestry, and the Tahoe Central Sierra Initiative, the Tahoe Fund has created its "Smartest Forest" program to help fund improvements to the land that we call 'home.'

With wildfires always at the forefront of our minds during our warm and breezy months, we are encouraged by this new program that focuses on the health of our forests.

The reasoning behind this initiative?

"The Tahoe Fund wants to make Tahoe’s forest the Smartest Forest on the Planet, because we believe through innovation and technology we can significantly increase the pace and scale of forest restoration in the Tahoe Basin and beyond."

As noted on TahoeFund's website:

"The Tahoe Fund is launching the Smartest Forest Fund, a sub-fund of our Environmental Venture Trust, designed to use philanthropy to drive innovation through seed funding.  With this Fund, we plan to invest in new ideas and pilot projects. Some will work; some may not. We know our efforts will help bolster the great work already underway by the US Forest Service, California and Nevada to accelerate the pace and scale of fixing our forest."

This wide-network of experts and organizations hope to increase the innovation and technology needed to significantly increase the pace and scale of the restoration.


Acoustic Monitoring ~ One of the three programs outlined in this Smart Forest initiative focuses on using automated recording devices to monitor our forests and the animals that call it home.

California Forest Observatory ~ Another project focuses on efforts to build an Observatory to watch and map wildfires and potential areas that are threatened more than most.

Carson City Biomass Facility ~ The third initiative focused on recreating this facility that focuses on timber restoration.

For more details about the goals of these projects, and how you can get involved if you choose to do so, read the full story at